Sitting With My Mother

I get the opportunity to sit with my Mother from time to time, When My Older Sister has to leave town.   My Mother is 89, She remembers working for some folks on the Boise Bench.  That was when she was around 18.  She does not remember me, she does not remember that her Mother passed on, Over 50 years ago.  I love my Mother, and I think of all the times that she took care of me.  I will answer her Questions each time, even when she has asked the same one 5 times in 1 minute. Of the Family that she remembers, there is only one left alive, it is a younger Sister.  She visits about once a week.  Cherish the Time with your Family, you never know when it will end.


Grumpy Old Man

We will see how this works out.  Grumpy, cause I can not abide stupidity.